The American Sovereign - How to Live Free From Government Regulation

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Author: Brent-Emory..Johnson

Price: $65

(Special price for Book & Seminar Video Set: $190)

The #1 book on sovereignty in the world! Learn how to lawfully opt out of income and social security taxes. Includes: Property Taxes, Dual Citizenship, Navigating the Legal System, Jurisdiction, Jury Nullification, Second Amendment, Abatements, Right to Travel, Liens, U.C.C., Federal Reserve System, Pure Trust Organizations, United Nations, Emergency War Powers, Psychological Warfare, and so much more. Includes sample paperwork to rescind your Social Security Number. 218 pages.

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The Quiet Voice of God

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Author: Brent-Emory..Johnson
Price: $5.95

A book of worldly and spiritual insights. What the author refers to as a "truly inspired work". Your spiritual well-being is far more important than your material well-being..


America's Hope to Cancel Bank Loans Without Going to Court

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Author: Tom Schauf
Price: $60

Have you ever wondered, when you apply for a loan where does the bank get the money to loan you? The answer loaned it to the bank! These two books will teach you how to use existing banking laws to force the banks to pay what they owe you! Two-book set. 614 pages



The Bill of Rights Restoration Act Handbook

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Author: Michael H. Brown
Price: $5

Judicial activism has destroyed the America our Founding Fathers built. This pocket-sized book contains real strategies and legal processes to take our country back! Learn viable methods to remove bad judges from the bench. Congress has the power to restore Rule of Law to America. This book will show you how to really make it happen!. 141 pages

Boston's Gun Bible

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Author: Boston T Party
Price: $20

Learn about the proper firearm for each use. Includes suggested ammunition, resources, references, more. 705 pages

Brown's Lawsuit Cookbook - How To Sue And Win!

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Author: Michael H. Brown
Price: $26

Having learned every bit of it the hard way, Michael Brown has won a number of cases both in federal and state court. You will learn how to read, understand, and reference law books. This is an excellent book for those of you who have had it with law and lawyers. 202 pages

Character Driven College Preperation

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Author: Dr. John William Turner, Jr.

Price: $12

This book provides a viable and easy to understand option for homeschooling parents to team up with an organization to give structure to their children’s education. University Model Schooling works with parents to simplify the academic homeschooling process, while staying completely out of the parents’ duty to teach values and morals. This is absolutely the best homeschooling helper available. 63 pages


Citizens Rule Book and Jury Handbook

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citizens_rule_book Price: 1-9 $2.50 each,  10-49 @ $2.00 each, 50-99 @ $1.50 each, 100 or more @ $1.00 each

The definitive pocket compilation of the united States of America’s most important legal documents. Includes Constitution, Bill of Rights, jury nullification, and much more. A must for all 
freedom lovers! 60 pages


Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story Of The Commitee of 300

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Author: Dr. John Coleman
Price: $24

Ever wonder who really pulls the strings? This book identifies the international elite that thinks they rule the world. An expose of the most secret society in the world. 305 pages



The Criminal Defendant’s Bible

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Author: Michael H. Brown
Price: $50

Invaluable information for the criminal defendant. Includes proven processes to extricate you from criminal prosecution. Michael’s attitude is that in any prosecution, the courtroom is a battlefield and the judge is your enemy; take no prisoners!500 pages

Digest of the Divine Law

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 Author: Howard Rand
Price: $11

Brilliantly reconciles the Higher Laws of the Creator the proper application of statutory law, government, and a society in which there is true justice. If you ever wonder at how we can repair the social and governmental problems that are rampant in America, This book is for you. Author Howard Rand provides a clear and workable blueprint, directly based on the Holy Scriptures, for a life of peace, prosperity, and freedom. 248 pages

Emergency War Powers Packet

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Price: $12

Contains Public Laws declaring the American people to be the government’s enemy and Executive Orders concerning emergency powers. Shocking revelations! 110 pages

Evidence Of The Missing 13th Amendment

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Price: $8

What if attorneys could not hold public office? This ratified amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been stolen from the American people by unscrupulous politicians! 42 page report

General Principles of Constitutional Law

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general_principles_constitutional_law Author: Judge Thomas M. Cooley

Price: $22.00

This first edition reprint of one of united States of America’s greatest constitutional scholars is a must for students of constitutional law, or anyone who wants to learn about the proper application of constitutional principles in the modern world. 389 pages

How to Clear your Adult and Juvenile Criminal Records

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Author: William A. Rinehart
Price: $25

If you have ever been unjustly convicted of a crime, this book provides invaluable information on how to clear your records. The author himself has successfully accomplished everything contained in the book. 102 pages

The Law

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Author: Fredric Bastiat
Price: $4

The Law has been acclaimed for more than a century as the classic moral defense of liberty and limited government. Here is a timeless message of immutable principal - in the immortal words of one of history's most courageous thinkers and brilliant writers. 79 pages

Making and Meeting Objections

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Author: Michael H. Brown
Price: $15

This book contains dozens of admissible objections for a variety of circumstances, both civil and criminal, along with the legal background and framework for using them. 130 pages


Michael New: Mercenary or American Soldier?

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  Author: Daniel New with Cliff Kincaid
Price: $2

Read the story of one young soldier who was court-martialed for obeying his oath, his contract, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Still appealing his Bad Conduct Discharge, Army Specialist Michael New is guilty - of loving his country. 238 pages

None Dare Call It Education

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Author: John A. Stormer
Price: $5

The deliberate dumbing-down of our children. Truth about the communist agenda being promoted in public schools. 266 pages

One Nation Under Surveillance

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Author: Boston T Party
Price: $24

The ultimate work by one of the most prolific and devoted freedom authors, ONUS addresses how to erect a wall of privacy around you in order to protect your liberty. This is BTP’s final work, and it is certainly among his best!

450 pages

One World Order: Socialist Dictatorship

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Author: Dr. John Coleman
Price: $24

The enemy in Washington is more to be feared than the enemy in Moscow. Dr Coleman traces the thoughts of the "fatal disease" by the people who are causing this goal based on the Communist Manifesto of 1848. Dr Coleman leaves nothing out on how this is to be accomplished and how this effects you. 229 pages

Operation: Vampire Killer 2000

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Author: Police Against The New World Order
Price: $7

Written by law enforcement. Documents the efforts of the New World Order to socialize the united States of America. 75 pages


Our Broken Legal System - How To Fix It

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Author: Michael H. Brown
Price: $21

Dedicated to Bradford Metcalf, an innocent man, and the thousands of others in prison today because trial judges refuse to search for the truth, prosecutors do anything and everything to obtain convictions (lie, cheat, and hide evidence), and the judges in the appeals courts merely affirm convictions despite the evidence of corruption in the court below. How to successfully sue judges. Getting prisoners released. Notice of Judicial Complaint. 115 pages

Painful Questions: an Analysis of the September 11th Attack

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Author: Eric Hufschmid
Price: $15

This book is the most comprehensive and detailed examination, one of the most infamous incidents to occur in American history. Contains photographic evidence proving that explosives were involved in bringing down the WTC twin towers. Includes an explanation of the mysterious destruction of Building 7. 154 glossy pages with photos

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

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Author: Charles A. Weisman
Price: $9

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a concise and revealing explanation of the facts, principles, history, and law surrounding the fundamental rights to keep and bear arms. This material has been compiled and written so that Americans may be more informed about one of their most important rights, their right to keep and bear arms. 112 pages

The Secret Terrorists

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  Author: Bill Hughes
Price: $3

Is there really a dark conspiracy being conducted by a secret terrorist organization, whose primary objective is to deprive us of our freedom? 115 pages

Standing Strong Against All Enemies: The Story of Army SPC Michael New

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Author: Hal Jones
Price: $16

This illustrated book tells a true story of courage and dedication as exemplified in Michael’s refusal of an illegal order to wear United Nations insignia. Beautifully illustrated in impressionistic style. 62 full-color glossy pages


You & the Police!

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Author: Boston T Party
Price: $17

What the police know they can and cannot do when they stop you. How to talk to the police ("Am I being detained? What is your probable cause?") 115 pages



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