The American Sovereign - How to Live Free From Government Regulation

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Are You a Human Being or a Piece of Government Property?


  • Sovereignty is the Principle That You Are the Supreme Ruler of Your Life
  • Our Government Exists to Protect - Not Regulate the Natural Rights of All Americans
  • How You Have Surrendered Your Rights and How to Reclaim Them
  • Procedures to Lawfully Stop Paying Income and Social Security Taxes
  • How to Refuse the National I.D. Card
  • Opening Bank Accounts Without a Taxpayer I.D. Number
  • How to Protect Your Property From Attachments, Leins, and Levies by the IRS, Federal, or State Government



For as long as human beings have joined together to form social structures, there have been governments. For as long as governments have existed, there have been those who claim for themselves the right to control the governed. For thousands of years, "to govern" has been equated with "to rule" in societies all over the world.

The united States of America came into being as the result of the work of the Founding Fathers, who were political historians in their own right. The uSA was a great experiment, one in which 'government' was to take on a whole new meaning. The duty of "government" was now, and forever, the protection and defense of the natural, God-given Rights of the People. Our Founding Fathers believed that you have a Right to live your Life; you have a Right to live in a state of Liberty; and you have a Right to own Property and pursue that which makes you Happy.

They took these beliefs and, asking for Divine Providence, declared themselves and the colonies which they represented, to be independent of the rest of the world; free from the age-old constriction of government upon the people; free from the long-used formula which placed governments above their people. They were free. They were Americans.

However, things have changed substantially over the last two hundred and twenty years. Anyone who takes just a cursory look at the united States of America can clearly see that it isn't today what it was when it was founded. It isn't what our Founding Fathers dreamed it could be. It isn't the America that was born out of the Revolutionary War. How did this come to be? How did we slip away from America, the Land of the Free, with Liberty and Justice for All, one nation under God?

How did we get from that to what we have today: a society in which every aspect of life is regulated by the government? The government controls education; students in public schools are told not to say "under God" anymore when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. An ordinary, law-abiding Citizen has to carry State-issued identification papers or potentially be subject to arrest, fine and/or incarceration. An American who wishes to engage in private business must first obtain permission from the State in the form of a business or other license, and then pay all kinds of fees and taxes, in order to enjoy the fruit of his labor. American Citizens are told that they must pay up to one half or more of everything they earn to the Internal Revenue Service and Social Security Administration. How has this come to be?

What you are about to read will answer these and many more questions about America: the way it was, the way it appears, and the way it really is. You're going to learn how you have been lied to by the schools, by the media, by the IRS, by the banks, and especially by the government. Even your parents, and their parents, have been unwilling accomplices to the deception of the American People. They told you things which they believed to be true and you accepted those things as gospel, when in reality there was little or no truth to the information which you, your parents and grandparents were taught, about your relationship to the government and your Rights as an American.

This book will teach you to understand the deception which has been perpetrated on you and all of the American People. Once you understand the deception, I will show you how to remove yourself from under the regulatory thumb of the government. Finally, having reclaimed your freedom, your liberty, your God-given Rights as an American Citizen, you will learn how to engage in everyday life, free from the government regulatory arm.

Everything you are about to read is based in Law. All of the procedures, all of the premises, are based on the fundamental Law of America, embodied in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed and secured by the Constitution for the United States.

But be forewarned: once you begin you will lose your ignorance and with it, your innocence. Once lost, ignorance cannot be re-gained. Once you open your eyes and see America for what it really is rather than what you have been told it is, you will never again be able to return to that blissful state in which you believed that everything is as it should be.

You will be faced with a clear and present choice: that of supporting the government dragons who would suck the very life out from your soul, or of standing for the principles of liberty, freedom and justice on which America was founded and shall always rest, even if doing so causes you inconvenience, harassment, or discrimination.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man and brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
Mark Twain

If you have chosen to read on then you have my sincere gratitude and acknowledgment for your willingness to open your eyes. Your willingness to look the demon square in the face, to see the truth for what it is, makes you truly a Modern American Hero. I salute you.

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