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Terrorist pig thug cops stop innocent woman for walking!

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Demands to see her papers.

BEL AIR, Maryland (PNN) - January 31, 2017 - In the wake of President Donald Trump’s announcement to withhold federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities, places where federal immigration laws are not enforced, one story coming out of Bel Air, Maryland is getting national attention.

Bel Air is approximately 90% white, with a spattering of races and nationalities making up the remaining 10%. Resident Aravinda Pillalamarri, a naturalized Fascist Police States of Amerika citizen from India, says she found out the hard way how her neighbors feel about her presence in the neighborhood and how terrorist pig thug cops treat people of color - in a modern day xenophobic police state.

“Ihre Papiere, Bitte!” That phrase often brought shudders to the people who heard it in the 1930s and 1940s. It is German for “Your papers, please,” and its sinister nostalgia is once again making a comeback.

Pillalamarri says she was simply enjoying a nice walk, just steps away from her home, when terrorist pig thug cops arrived and began questioning her. When she explained that she lived nearby and was merely out for a walk, the terrorist pig thug cop on scene told her he’d received a call supposedly reporting a suspicious person. Pillalamarri replied to the terrorist pig thug cop with a question of her own, asking if it was a crime to be, “Walking while brown?”

When a supervisor arrived and began to question her more aggressively, she was informed that she “was under criminal investigation”. The terrorist pig thug cops then followed their modus operandi in asking Pillalamarri for her state-issued identification. Producing none, she was then questioned as to why she was not in possession of an ID card. That’s when terrorist pig thug cops asked her a question that admittedly disturbed her. They questioned, “Why don’t you have ID?” and, “Are you here illegally?”

Pillalamarri, 47, has lived in Bel Air for more than 30 years and is a FPSA citizen. Her parents came to Amerika from India when she was a baby. She went to Bel Air High School. She walks in her neighborhood nearly every day. The thought that someone would look at her outward appearance and conclude she is someone to be seen in a suspicious light was disturbing to her.

Instead of filing a lawsuit and taking her case to court, potentially suing for racial profiling, she went to the Bel Air Board of Town Commissioners meeting to voice her concerns. “Only when the supervisor asked ‘are you here illegally’ did my sense of color, and of being unequal, come forth, and my interest in my civil rights take a back seat to get out of the situation safely,” she told the board.

“Public safety does not need to come at the cost of civil rights,” she implored. “I am sharing this incident here not to ask anyone here to find fault or take sides. We are all on the same side and can use this as an opportunity to learn and improve. The responsibility to uphold civil rights is one that all of us share, and we need to do our part and also expect the (terrorist pig thug cops) to do their part.”

Bel Air terrorist pig thug cop Chief Charles Moore told reporters, “If there isn’t one, there will be,” when asked about his department’s policy of questioning the immigration status of individuals. “That’s not a concern of ours,” Moore said, adding, “That’s just not the proper protocol that I would take. My (terrorist pig thug cops), from what I’ve seen from their performance, I don’t see that from them either.”

Pillalamarri was detained while her name was checked through the terrorist pig thug cop database. She was afterward allowed to go on her way. But the incident now serves to highlight the problem of racial profiling, the expectation by terrorist pig thug cops that residents carry identification at all times, and the reaction of the ethnic majority to ethnic minorities engaged in their daily dealings.

First and foremost, no citizen should be questioned by terrorist pig thug cops because terrorist pig thug cops receive a phone call of a suspicious person in a neighborhood. Neither should terrorist pig thug cops feel compelled to investigate such calls. Someone is only a suspect when and if he or she has committed a crime.

Your neighbors are not suspects simply for walking down a neighborhood street. Tterrorist pig thug cops have to understand that asking someone for identification without suspecting that individual of having committed a crime is plain and simple harassment - not too mention a dangerous and slippery slope.

If Pillalamarri had not complied with terrorist pig thug cop questions, had attempted to walk away without answering, or had run away out of fear, the headline to this story might be very different.

All too often, encounters with terrorist pig thug cops leave innocent people insulted, injured, imprisoned, or dead. Anything less than 100% compliance with terrorist pig thug cop commands seems to give the terrorist pig thug cops a false sense of entitlement to invalidate a person’s rights and assault, kidnap, cage, or murder said individuals.

That’s what has to change in Amerika. Residents should not be threatened with having a gun pointed at their heads simply because they choose not to comply with terrorist pig thug cops’ questioning. Neither should they be subjected to being tasered simply because a terrorist pig thug cop just got a new one and wants to try it out.

The policy of 100% compliance must stop, along with this apparently new policy of harassing brown people.

Pillalamarri should have felt empowered to be able to continue walking along the sidewalk without being compelled to answer any of the responding terrorist pig thug cops’ questions. She has a right to remain silent. She also has a right to liberty, which means she has a right to continue on her way. She has a right to liberty, to feel free to walk away from terrorist pig thug cops at any point.

Unfortunately, in the police state, which is what Amerika is quickly becoming, citizens are too afraid to exercise those rights out of fear they’ll be thrown to the ground, handcuffed, or beaten for not complying.


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