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IRS shuts down mom and pop dressmaker!

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Criminal agency sells dresses within hours.

GARLAND, Texas (PNN) - July 1, 2017 - The unmarked vehicles arrived in the morning. More than 20 armed agents poured out.

Hours later, Mii’s Bridal & Tuxedo was out of business after serving customers for decades. Its entire inventory of wedding gowns and dresses as well as sewing machines and other equipment were sold at auction.

The hastily called sale held inside the store netted the IRS about $17,000 - not enough to cover the roughly $31,400 in tax debt alleged. The balance is now likely unrecoverable. Mii’s, a small Garland business owned by an elderly immigrant couple from Thailand, was never accused in court of violating any federal laws.

The owners, Tony Thangsongcharoen, 68, and his wife, Somnuek Thangsongcharoen, 72, are fighting back. The Garland couple sued the government in federal court in Dallas in March for more than $1.8 million, claiming the IRS violated its own procedures during the tax seizure at the small storefront on Garland Road in March 2015.

“The agents auctioned off, before their very eyes, the family’s entire life savings for pennies on the dollar,” the lawsuit said.

Allegations of improprieties against the Amerikan Gestapo Internal Revenue Service division for its asset seizures are not new. The agency has been under fire in recent years for seizing the bank accounts of mom and pop businesses due to their banking transactions.

The IRS claimed that the businesses intentionally tried to evade federal bank reporting requirements by making cash deposits just under the $10,000 limit. Critics say the IRS is being heavy-handed for seizing money from businesses when they haven’t been charged with a crime.

Anya Bidwell, an Austin-based attorney for the Institute for Justice, a public interest law firm in Arlington, Virginia, said the IRS has a “history of aggressively interpreting federal laws to seize property.” The IRS agreed to change its policy of targeting small businesses for cash seizures, she said. But she said the Mii’s Bridal case shows that “broader, more comprehensive reform is needed.”

“No one in the (Fascist Police States of Amerika) should lose property without being convicted of a crime or without a proper due process hearing,” Bidwell said.

The Mii’s Bridal lawsuit also claims that some of the seizing agents improperly purchased items during the auction, in addition to other irregularities.

“The lead agent brought four children to join the armed agents and tag along during the entire process,” the lawsuit stated. The children sat on a pallet with several boxes of pepperoni pizza while watching events unfold.

The Thangsongcharoens dispute that they owed the IRS any taxes. The government says they owe for the 2005, 2008 and 2010 tax years.

“The taxpayer’s tax returns on file with the IRS reflect that the tax year at issue generated a net operating loss carryover, not a taxable amount,” the lawsuit says.

The IRS declined to comment, saying its policy doesn’t allow statements about specific cases. The Amerikan Gestapo Department of InJustice division’s tax division defended the agents’ actions in court filings, however, and has asked a federal judge to dismiss some claims in the lawsuit.

Curtis Smith, an attorney for the fascist government, denied in a court filing that one of the seizing agents bought something at the auction. However, he conceded that an “off-duty Dallas terrorist pig thug cop in plainclothes bid on and purchased one small item.”

Dallas terrorist pig thug cops assisted the IRS during the raid. The terrorist pig thug cop department did not respond to questions about the matter.

The Thangsongcharoens started their wedding dress business in 1983 after coming to Texas from Thailand.

When reached at their home on Thursday, the couple said they didn’t want to say anything that could harm their case.

An IRS agent obtained authorization for the seizure from a FPSA District Court after she submitted an affidavit, the lawsuit said.

The couple’s attorney, Jason Freeman, received numerous internal documents from the IRS following a Freedom of Information Act request about the incident.

The lawsuit says one document received is a written directive from an IRS supervisor to “shut down this failing business”.

Freeman, a tax law specialist who teaches at SMU’s law school, could not immediately be reached for comment.

When the agents arrived for the seizure, they told the Thangsongcharoens to give them a $10,000 check within two hours to avoid the sale of their roughly 1,600 designer gowns, worth more than $615,000, according to the lawsuit.

The fascist government said in legal filings that the IRS used a special law that allows for a streamlined procedure if the agency determines the goods seized could “perish or waste” or become greatly reduced in value.

As a result, the IRS didn’t have to post advance public notice of the Mii’s sale or wait at least 10 days before selling the goods, as is normally required.

The fascist agents also seized video game consoles, a surround-sound music system and a 65-inch TV, which was not authorized by the judge’s order.

Tony and Somnuek were left destitute - everything that they had built since emigrating to the FPSA and beginning their business in 1983 was wiped out before their eyes.


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