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    Monday June 21, 2021
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    Brent Johnson is the radio host of the longtime radio show the Voice of Freedom.

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    October 25, 2019
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    What would it mean to you to discover that the Book of Genesis is 100% accurate? Jonathan Gray provides scientific proof of the validity of the Book of Genesis. 

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    Helen Novak is the daughter of Holocaust survivors! Helen’s story is of vital importance to us all. She warns that concentration camps are coming soon to the Fascist Police States of Amerika.

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Premiere Privacy Consultants

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Read this IMPORTANT article about how wired gadgets encroach on privacy!

We are pleased to announce a new program designed to further protect you from the all-seeing eye of Big Brother.  Today’s surveillance mania, which is present not only in the United States but in all industrialized countries around the worlds, prevents most people from enjoying their freedom, because you cannot be free if you do not have privacy.  You cannot be free if someone is always looking over your shoulder, watching everything that you do.

Premiere Privacy Consultants offers programs to business, individuals and families.  Our programs are designed to provide you with absolute iron clad asset protection, custom designed encryption for your business and home, and jurisdictional repositioning in order to lawfully circumvent the endless stream of government-mandated controls and regulations that oppress people and businesses today.

Our staff of privacy experts will explain to you, in clear and easy to understand language, precisely how we can help you to reclaim your professional and personal privacy.  We will design a custom program to suit your specific needs.

Governments around the world have stated that privacy is an outmoded concept and that in order to fight “terrorism”, people have to sacrifice their privacy.  We strongly disagree.  As a matter of fact, if the cost of fighting “terrorism” is to surrender our privacy and freedom, then it is too high a price to pay.  I would rather look out for my own interests instead of asking any government to do it for me.

If you are interested in this privacy protection program, the first step is to schedule a two-hour privacy consultation with me, during which I will examine your specific situation, property holdings, liquid asset structure, business and/or family organization, and personal objectives.  We will then design a custom program for your.  The cost of the initial consultation is Five Hundred (500) dollars and is fully rebated into the price of the program you select.  Note: We do not accept certified mail from anyone.  If you want confirmation that your correspondence has been received, you must send it via express mail, UPS or FedEx. We do not accept checks of any kind, including cashier checks.

Please call 888-385-3733 if you would like more information about the Premiere Privacy Consultants program, or to discuss your unique needs.  I acknowledge you for claiming your rights by exploring ways to protect your property from the government, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve your privacy protection and other sovereign needs.

For more information or to apply, download the appropriate PDF file or files below:

To apply, download the application:


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Preferred Client Program

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Our Preferred Client Program can further help you protect your life, liberty and property rights.

Upon receipt of your payment in the amount of One Thousand Six Hundred (1,600) dollars, (Two Thousand Four Hundred (2,400) dollars for your entire family, or Three Thousand (3,000) dollars for your entire company), you will have officially hired Brent Johnson as your attorney-in-fact (not attorney-at-law) and private counsel, and your twelve months of representative services begins.

Once enrolled, you receive up to ten (10) hours of consultation time (15 hours for family or professional plan), including personal or telephonic consultations, preparation of documents, letters, notices, writs, paralegal services, etc., and any other work.  Unused time does not accrue.  Additional time is on a fee basis.  Court appearances carry additional charges.  Associated expenses are to be paid by you.  Brent will maintain an ongoing record of activities conducted on your behalf.

If you would like to sign up for our Preferred Client Program, please send payment via cash or money order only; no checks or bank money orders please.  Your program begins immediately upon receipt of your payment; we will send you a welcome packet including a Non-Disclosure Agreement, Limited Power-of-Attorney and contract for services.  Make your payment to Freedom Bound International.  Please call 888-385-3733 if you have any questions or would like to discuss this program in greater detail.

Private Interest Foundations and IBCs

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We can now help you to establish complete and total asset protection. By establishing a Private Interest Foundation and International Business Corporation, you protect your property rights, eliminate personal liability, and maintain absolute privacy in the most ideal asset protection environment in the world!

The cost of a both a Private Interest Foundation and International Business Corporation is Five Thousand Seven Hundred (5,700) dollars complete.

You (or whomever you select) retain absolute control of the activities of the foundation, which in turn controls the activities of the IBC. However, your name and personal information do not appear anywhere in the public registry. You can set up bank accounts with signatory power, express your wishes concerning distribution of foundation or IBC assets - both during your lifetime and afterward - and fully enjoy your property rights without intrusion, regulation, harassment, or taxation by the United States or any other country. In today’s political climate in which Big Brother is becoming increasingly intrusive into everyday life, the PIF/IBC model is a necessity for those who wish to preserve financial privacy and protect themselves from intrusive regulations and overzealous bureaucrats.

If you are interested in learning more about this asset protection program, I suggest a one-hour consultation during which I can explain the process in detail and answer any questions you might have. The cost of the PIF/IBC consultation is Two Hundred Fifty (250) dollars and is fully rebated into the cost of the PIF and IBC if purchased within thirty days of the consultation. Note: We do not accept certified mail from anyone. If you want confirmation that your correspondence has been received, you must send it via express mail, UPS or FedEx. We do not accept checks of any kind, including cashier checks.

Please contact me if you would like a consultation to discuss your specific needs. Click here for a PIF application and click here for an IBC application. We acknowledge you for claiming your rights by exploring ways to protect your property from the government, and look forward to the opportunity to serve your asset protection, sovereign, and privacy needs.

Private Interest Foundations

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Perhaps you’ve read about Panama Offshore Corporations and Trusts. Their main purposes are to protect your assets and provide you with privacy regarding your financial affairs.

The Complete Offshore Structure is a combination of Panamanian legal entities. A Private Interest Foundation owns an Offshore Corporation. In this way, a corporate entity receives the maximum in asset protection, privacy, anonymity, and convenience!

How it works

The Panama Corporation owns all major assets (real estate, commercial businesses, commercial bank accounts, etc.). The Foundation acts as a holding company for the Corporation. The Foundation also holds passive investment accounts and bank accounts.
What is a Foundation?

The Panamanian Private Interest Foundation is a legal entity that acts like a Trust and operates like a Corporation. Law No. 25 of June 12, 1995, was created to regulate Panama Private Interest Foundations.

The Panama Private Interest Foundation is based on Private Interest Foundation models from Liechtenstein and the Delaware Trust Fund. Panama carefully designed the Panama Private Interest Foundation as a more modern, flexible, and affordable Asset Protection & Estate Planning vehicle for people worldwide.
Non-Profit Foundation

The law specifically states, “private foundations shall not be profit oriented.” Exception: Foundations may engage in commercial activities on a non-habitual basis or own shares of business companies and receive passive income, such as from rental properties or dividends.
Foundation Structure

The Private Interest Foundation has four main components:
  • Founder. The Founder creates the Foundation in the Panama Public Registry.
  • Foundation Council. The Council serves the same function as directors do for a corporation. The Council’s member names and passport numbers are registered in the Panama Public Registry when the Foundation is incorporated. In order to protect the privacy of clients, law firms generally provide a nominee Council, and provide pre-signed, undated letters of resignation from each member of the nominee Council. Thus, the Council has no control.
  • Protector. The Protector ultimately controls the Foundation. When the Foundation is created, the Council appoints a Protector through a notarized Private Protectorate Document. Since the document is private and not publicly registered, the Protector remains 100% anonymous. Thus, the Protector has full control over the Foundation and all of its assets.
  • Beneficiaries. The Beneficiaries are appointed through a Private Letter of Wishes, written by the Protector. The Letter of Wishes is a private document keeping the Beneficiaries 100% anonymous. Only the Protector can change or modify the Letter of Wishes.

Registered Agent. The Act requires that every Foundation have a registered agent, who must be either a Panamanian lawyer or law firm.

Capitalization. Only Ten Thousand (10,000) USD is required as the initial endowment of a Foundation.

Foundation Purposes

Holding Entity for a Corporation. A Foundation has no corporate shares. The Foundation can be the sole shareholder of your Corporation. You control the Foundation anonymously through a Private Protectorate role. As Protector, you appoint the Beneficiaries through a Private Letter of Wishes. Since both the Protector and Beneficiaries are appointed through non-public documents, their identities remain 100% anonymous.

Beneficial Owners when Opening Bank Accounts. Due to the global scare of terrorism, most offshore tax haven jurisdictions have implemented laws requiring their banks to obtain “declarations of beneficial ownership” when establishing corporate bank accounts. In Panama, the banks maintain this information with rigorous confidentiality under their strictly enforced bank secrecy laws. If an owner wishes to remain anonymous, the Foundation can serve as the beneficial owner. The nominee Foundation Council can sign the declarations on behalf of the Foundation, keeping the true owner 100% anonymous.

Distribution of Assets to your Heirs. Under Panamanian laws, no one may freeze a Foundation’s assets under any circumstances, thereby providing the ultimate asset protection vehicle. The Panama Private Interest Foundation is specifically designed to cherish, protect, and distribute its assets to your chosen beneficiaries upon a triggering event, such as your death or incapacity. Your Foundation’s Letter of Wishes, written by the Protector, details the Foundation’s assets, list of Beneficiaries, and how and when those assets are to be distributed to the Beneficiaries. Since the inheritance comes from outside of the Beneficiary’s domestic country, the inherited assets are not subject to any of the standard taxes and legal procedures employed by most countries. Through the Foundation, your heirs will receive their inheritance free of probate, gift taxes, estate taxes, inheritance taxes, or legal delays.

Facilitates Fund Mobility. Since the Foundation is a non-profit entity, it may receive donations, and it may give donations/grants, etc. The Foundation can accept donations of funds from any source. Furthermore, the Foundation can provide educational grants, charitable donations, etc., to any source whatsoever. All such activities are guided by instructions received from the Protector.

Rights of Heirs. Under Panamanian law, the Founder’s heirs do not have a right to revoke the creation of the Foundation, or the right to object to the transfer of properties to the Foundation. The laws of the Founder’s country regarding intestacy have no bearing on the validity of the Foundation, thereby ensuring that the Foundation’s objectives will be honored even in the event of the Founder’s death.

Features and Benefits. Some of the other features and benefits of a Foundation are as follows:
  • Limited Liability. A Foundation holds its own assets and liabilities separate from those of the Founder or any other person. The Founder and the Foundation cannot be held responsible for the debts of one another, except where the Founder has administered the Foundation in a way that ignores the separate identity of the Foundation.
  • Minimal Public Disclosure. Other than the ministerial act of accepting a proper Memorandum of Foundation for filing, no government approval or action is required for the establishment of a Foundation. The Regulations of a Foundation, under which it operates, are not required to be filed in any public office or registry. No governmental agency supervises or oversees the management and operation of a Foundation. No reports concerning a Foundation’s activities, its income or financial condition , or the names of its Beneficiaries, are required to be filed with any governmental agency.
  • Avoidance of Testamentary Formalities. Property owned by a Foundation is not subject to probate, inheritance taxes, estate taxes, or any other taxes or regulatory fees as a result of the death of Founder, Protector, or any other individual associated with the Foundation.
  • Privacy of Assets. Except for the initial endowment of Ten Thousand (10,000) USD, there are no public records as to the assets of a Foundation. There is no obligation for the filing of any public instrument with respect to an increase in the endowment and no filing of financial statements.
In Conclusion

Foundations protect your assets, act as your Holding Company, provide total Estate Planning, and act as a Charitable Entity. A Panama Private Interest Foundation has many advantages, including limited liability, privacy, elimination of a will and probate, virtually no public exposure, functionality as a Charitable Organization, and more. Panama’s Public Interest Foundation law, Corporation laws, and strict banking secrecy laws combine to provide you with the maximum in Asset Protection and Privacy.

Click here for additional details and pricing.
Click here for PIF application.
Click here for IBC application.

Mission Statement

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Freedom Bound International is dedicated to the preservation of personal freedom, privacy rights, and the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence.

We believe that men and women are sovereign rulers of their own lives, not property of any government. We are committed to the principle that there is nothing more valuable than the personal freedom of each and every human being; that any regulation, rule or law requiring anyone to give up any portion of his or her personal freedom, is bad law and should not be obeyed.

To promote these ends we provide education on fundamental law, the natural and unalienable Rights of All People, and the remedies and recourse available to every Citizen when his or her Rights are violated by government.

Credit Card Debt Elimination

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Our Credit Card Debt Elimination Program can help you protect your life, liberty and property rights. Under this program, we will:

  • contact financial institutions to legally dispute credit card accounts;
  • get credit reporting agencies to remove negative line items from your credit report;
  • make collection agencies leave you alone;
  • write settlement offers to debtors on your behalf;
  • speak with any relevant parties concerning the elimination process, once it has been initiated;
  • act as your private counsel and authorized agent in regards to credit card debt elimination processes.

The special cost for this program is One Thousand (1,000) dollars for up to three (3) credit or debt accounts, and Seven Hundred (700) dollars for each additional list of up to three (3) credit or debt accounts. You will be sent a Limited Power-of-Attorney, Non-Disclosure Agreement, and contract for services to sign and return. Upon receipt of your signed agreement and payment, your representative services begin.

Once we begin the process to eliminate a credit card account/debt listing, we will continue the process until either the item has been discharged or otherwise deleted, or the matter is forced into a court venue (i.e. a lawsuit is filed, lien attached, etc.), or for one year, whichever comes first. We are not attorneys , and when a matter is brought into a legal venue, we recommend you obtain competent professional legal advice.

If you would like to sign up for our Credit Card/Debt Elimination Program, please complete the application and Durable Limited Power-of-Attorney. Be sure to have your autograph notarized on the Power-of-Attorney. Return the completed application along with your payment via cash or money order only; no checks please. Make your payment to Freedom Bound International. Please call 888-385-3733 if you have any questions or would like to discuss this program in greater detail.

Download List of Accounts (MS Word)

Limited Liability Companies

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A Limited Liability Company is a statutory pass-through entity, in which the earnings are distributed to its owners.  Your LLC will be assigned an EIN, with which it will be able to open bank accounts and otherwise conduct activities that require an EIN or TIN.  The LLC operates inside the statutory, regulatory realm, and does have certain reporting requirements.  However, if all income is distributed, then the LLC  pays no income tax.  Additionally, you carry no personal liability for actions in which you engage in good faith on behalf of the LLC.

The cost of a Limited Liability Company is only One Thousand Five Hundred (1,500) dollars.  You (or whomever you select as Manager(s)) have legal control and direct access to the funds held in the LLC account(s).  In today’s political climate, in which Big Brother is becoming increasingly intrusive into everyday life, the LLC provides a mechanism for participating in activities that are exclusively within statutory regulatory control while simultaneously preserving your personal privacy and protection from liability.

By utilizing a combination of other artificial entities in connection with your LLC, such as Pure Trust Organizations and corporations sole, you can effectively and lawfully structure your assets so as to minimize or even eliminate income and other taxes, secure your personal and professional privacy, and provide an environment whereby you can conduct your affairs without the ever-present oversight of the Big Brother government.

We now set up our LLCs in South Dakota, where state law does not require its ownership to be registered.  This provides you with additional and substantial privacy protections.

Download the LLC Application



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