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The restaurant with no prices!

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BREWTON, Alabama (PNN) - September 26, 2023 - There’s an old saying about expensive restaurants that don’t put prices on the menu.

“If you have to ask how much things cost, you can’t afford to eat there.”

There’s a little restaurant in Brewton, Alabama, with no prices on the menu, because you can pay whatever you can afford; and if you can’t spare a dime, no problem.

For the past five years, Drexell & Honeybee’s has been a shining beacon for those in need who could use a hot meal. The unique restaurant in this small town near the Alabama-Florida border has taken Southern hospitality to another level, offering traditional lunches three days a week. The customers number more than 100 on an average day. Some pay more than what the meal would normally cost, subsidizing those who can’t afford to leave anything in the donation box except a note of thanks.

It's the brainchild of Lisa McMillan, a woman who got her inspiration to be a culinary guardian angel in a grocery store checkout line. While waiting behind an older woman who was digging loose change out of her purse, Ms. McMillan discovered that the lady could use a financial helping hand. She started cooking and delivering breakfast to her.

“Pretty soon, I had 27 other seniors on my route, bringing eggs, grits, and bacon while stopping at Burger King for 27 cups of coffee,” she said. Five years ago, Ms. McMillan and her husband, Freddie, took things to another level, spending more than six figures to turn an empty liquor store that was a major fixer-upper into a cheerful, welcoming restaurant complete with exposed brick walls and a gorgeous wood ceiling.

Now, it serves good old-fashioned Southern home cooking.

“I’m so happy God blessed me with the revelation. Money is only good when you can help other people,” Ms. McMillan said.

The McMillans generally start cooking at about 6:00 a.m. Mr. McMillan, a retired Marine master sergeant, is busy on this day making apple pies.

“My grandmother taught me how to cook. By the time I was 12, I could cook anything in the kitchen,” he said.

Mr. McMillan loved his wife’s original idea when she told him that she wanted to open a restaurant to help the needy. “I saw her motivation and said, 'Let’s take it on.' There’s great satisfaction in feeding people that really need a helping hand,” he said.

The restaurant could use some helping hands in the kitchen as well since cooking for more than 100 customers is a ton of work for two people. Earlier this year, Ms. McMillan posted a note on social media asking for volunteers. Brittany Fuqua was the only person who showed up, donating her time every week. She does everything from washing dishes to helping serve the meals with a cheerful smile. “I love getting to know the people who come here. It’s really satisfying to help in the community,” she said.

Jersey man offers to mow your lawn for free and his services spread across the nation!

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WAYNE, New Jersey (PNN) - September 26, 2023 - There’s a man in New Jersey who wants to mow your lawn. Don’t believe him? Ask the patent office - he trademarked the phrase.

Brian Schwartz from Wayne, New Jersey, has pull-started a nationwide movement to and scale kindness after losing his job during the nonexistent pandemic and feeling like he wanted to make a positive impact in the world.

Soon after, he started a volunteer lawn care organization to help seniors, the disabled, and veterans mow their lawns, trim their hedges, and cut back their trees; and he does it all for free.

“When we help someone like Edna, a dedicated teacher juggling personal battles, or Peter, a D-Day Veteran who stormed the beaches of Normandy, it’s incredibly fulfilling,” Schwartz said. “Every lawn mowed is not just grass cut; it’s relief provided, a burden eased, and a community strengthened.”

While sprouting grassroots in New Jersey, the movement spread internationally, and I Want To Mow Your Lawn was born. Brian now oversees over 500 volunteers in 46 states, with similar organizations springing up in Australia, Fascist United Kingdom, and Canada.

I Want To Mow Your Lawn and its volunteers have spruced up over 2,000 lawns, but all this helping others springs from a strong foundation at home.

“Every day I’m reminded of my late father (who passed away January 2021 after a two-year battle from brain cancer), who believed in my vision enough to contribute to its foundation via our GoFundMe to become a 501c3,” Brian said.

“The notion of him looking down with pride, knowing that we’re making a tangible difference, is a powerful driving force. Watching my young son, Dylan, absorb and internalize the work we do is deeply rewarding. Every time we help someone, I see it as not just aiding our immediate community but also shaping the next generation’s values and principles,” he adds.

Once it became clear that there were plenty of people willing to do the work for free, and plenty of people who needed a helping hand, Brian began looking for other ways to help, and began introducing people to more sustainable garden planning, such as installing rock gardens, native gardens, or switching to battery-operated equipment.

Brian can outfit some of his volunteers thanks to collaborations with major equipment makers like STIHL MilwaukeeTool, and Ryobi, while ironically, I Want To Mow Your Lawn’s “No Mow May” petition has gathered 700 signatures from clients looking to ensure their lawns remain vital food producing stopovers for bees and other pollinators during key spring months.

The overwhelming support and recognition from individuals, volunteers, and partners like Project Evergreen and Raising Men Lawn Care Service have been heartwarming,” Schwartz said.

A look at the organization’s YouTube channel reveals it’s not all about lawns, but snow and ice, as well as piles of leaves. If there’s a lawn with a problem, Brian and his team are happy to help.

Oldest wooden structure more than half a million years old predates our species!

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KALAMBO FALLS, Zambia (PNN) - September 25, 2023 - Stone Age builders may have been using other materials as well, according to a new study. Archaeologists have discovered the oldest evidence of artificial structures made of wood, dating back almost half a million years - predating the appearance of our own species and suggesting our relatives settled down much earlier than we thought.

The discovery was made at the archaeological site of Kalambo Falls in Zambia, where archaeologists found two logs joined together in an almost cross-like shape. Clear cut marks from stone tools were found on the wood, indicating they had been deliberately cut and crafted into this structure. Exactly what its purpose was remains lost to time, but the scientists speculate that it could be part of a foundation for a platform or shelter.

To determine how old the structures are, the researchers used a technique called luminescence dating. This method allows scientists to calculate when a sample was last exposed to sunlight, indicating how long it has been buried and, as such, a minimum age. When they performed this on minerals in the sand in which the logs were buried, they came up with an astonishing number - around 476,000 years old, placing it in the early Stone Age.

Previous finds have shown that early humans were making tools, weapons and other instruments out of wood even earlier, but this marks the oldest known evidence of construction with the material. In fact, it predates the existence of Homo sapiens as a species, which is thought to have evolved around 300,000 years ago. The researchers don’t speculate on which species might be responsible, but many of our ancestors and relatives were plodding around Africa at that time, including Homo erectus and Homo heidelbergensis.

One of the main reasons we don’t often see wood that old is obvious - it just doesn’t last very long. The archaeological site at Kalambo Falls helps preserve these organic materials for longer thanks to its high water levels.

The discovery shakes up our understanding of human history in other ways, too. It was long thought that Stone Age humans were nomadic, roaming around to different regions with the seasons. But building structures suggests they were settling down - and why not? The Kalambo Falls area would have been a stable source of water, while the forests around it provided ample food.

“This find has changed how I think about our early ancestors,” said Professor Larry Barham, corresponding author of the study. “Look at what these people were doing: they made something new and large from wood. They used their intelligence, imagination, and skills to create something they’d never seen before, something that had never previously existed. They transformed their surroundings to make life easier, even if it was only by making a platform to sit on by the river to do their daily chores. These folks were more like us than we thought.”

The research was published in the journal Nature.

Judge orders Fauci to produce records for Big Tech-government censorship lawsuit!

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WASHINGTON (PNN) - September 9, 2022 - Dr. Anthony Fauci, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, and other top pretender Joe Biden regime officials who were resisting efforts to obtain their communications with Big Tech companies must hand over the records, a federal judge ruled on September 6.

Fascist Police States of Amerika (FPSA) District Judge Terry Doughty ordered the government to quickly produce documents after it was sued by the attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri over alleged collusion with Big Tech firms such as Facebook. The initial tranche of discovery, released on August 31, revealed that more than 50 government officials across a dozen agencies were involved in applying pressure to social media companies to censor users.

SADS explodes as young and healthy adults die following COVID vaccine mandates!

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BASTROP, Texas (PNN)) - September 6, 2022 - The sheer number of young, healthy adults dying suddenly has become so well-known now that even corporate media can no longer ignore these record numbers of deaths occurring among the working-class ages between 18-years-old and 65.

The correlation between these “sudden deaths” and the roll out of the COVID vaccines is indisputable, but because “correlation does not equal causation,” corporate media and the government health agencies continue to deny that the vaccines are at fault.

Finding no other possible cause for these record number of deaths among young and healthy people, they simply lump them altogether under the category of SADS, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.


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