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Guest Appearances

  • brent guest appear
    Brent Johnson is the world's #1 authority on Sovereignty and host of the long running hit freedom talk show, The Voice of Freedom.

    July 29, 2014
    Stan Solomon Show
    6:30-9:00 p.m. Eastern Time
    Host: Stan Solomon
    Call in at 866-808-0637
  • brent guest appear

    Brent Johnson is the world's #1 authority on Sovereignty and host of the long running hit freedom talk show, The Voice of Freedom.

    August 2, 2014

    Truth Frequency Radio
    6:00-8:00 pm Eastern Time
    Hosts: Chris and Sheree
    Call in at 866-37-TRUTH (866-378-7874)

VOF Podcasts

  • vof podcast 1

    Are We Creating a Race of Artifical Humans?

    Internationally recognized lecturer, publisher, radio host and author Dr. Thomas Horn expounds on globalist efforts to create artificially enhanced human organisms.

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  • vof podcast 1

    An American stand: the Bundy ranch siege

    Sheriff Richard Mack, noted author and American Patriot, details how Americans have come together in defense of Cliven Bundy and his family.

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  • vof podcast 1

    How Do You Know that it's True?

    Brent Johnson asks the question "How do you know it's true?".

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Video: Brilliant speech that got Judge Napolitano fired from Fox News!

Asking questions as Judge Andrew Napolitano did in a recent broadcast on his now cancelled daily show may very well be the reason behind his recent dismissal from Fox News. Though specific details are hard to come by because the Judge has yet to give any interviews on the matter, it's believed that his refusal to bow to commonly manufactured media narratives is among one of several key reasons he is no longer with the network. The following brilliant speech is one that should not only be forwarded and shared with every single man, woman and child in this country, but taught and expounded upon in every social studies, civics and government class from first grade through college.


Innocent Gazans helpless beneath brutal terrorist Israeli onslaught!

KHAN YOUNIS, Gaza (PNN) - July 10, 2014 - When he went to bed, Tawfiq Al Halaby’s wife, Nidaa, was five-months pregnant and his neighbors, the Hajjs, were still a family.

A few hours later, an Israeli attack pulverized the Hajj home next door, flinging body parts of their children across the street.

The explosions also caused Nidaa, 28, to miscarry.

Further military assistance to Israel may be illegal under FPSA law!

WASHINGTON (PNN) - July 19, 2014 - Though the fatalities in the latest flare up between Israel and Hamas - about 285 Palestinians and two Israelis killed so far - dwarfs those in other conflicts, the Amerikan public needs to pay particular attention to what’s happening there. The Fascist Police States of Amerika is not merely an onlooker here: it is directly involved in militarily supporting the Israeli side to the tune of $3 billion per year.

Snowden seeks to develop anti-surveillance technologies!

NEW YORK (PNN) - July 19, 2014 - Edward Snowden, a former Fascist Police States of Amerika spy agency contractor who leaked details of major FPSA surveillance programs, called on supporters at a hacking conference to spur development of easy-to-use technologies to subvert government surveillance programs around the globe.


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