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We advocate boycotting any company, agency, foundation, etc. that by its behavior denigrates the principles of truth, justice, and individual liberty on which our country was founded.

Boycott Absolut Vodka! Absolut has an current advertisement running in Mexico, in which it displays an Absolut map of North America.  In this map, Mexico includes California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and the United States has been accordingly reduced in size.

Even after thousands of complaints were received by the company, Absolut Vodka has failed or refused, and continues to fail or refuse, to remove the inaccurate and offensive map.

Clearly, Absolut doesn’t care what lies they tell or whom they hurt in order to get the Mexican people to buy their product.  This is a prime reason to boycott Absolut Vodka.

For advocating lying in their advertisements.

Albertsons has built a dedicated and substantial market on its promise not to introduce so-called discount purchase store cards, which intrude on customers' privacy and are used to track consumer purchasing habits. Recently, Albertsons announced the introduction of "discount" store cards to its entire northern California region. They directly lied to their customers, and so deserve to be put out of business. At the very least, we would like to see those who care about truth and privacy rights institute a boycott of all Albertsons stores.

Alamo Car Rental
I recently rented a vehicle from Alamo, which I found out late in the rental, had no oil cap and a brake system leak! I had to refill the engine and drive on extremely dangerous brakes. When I returned the car, I was told that I would receive an appropriate discount for the rental. Instead, however, Alamo sent me a brief note, explaining that Alamo does not let their cars leave the rental lot without giving them safety checks. Alamo disregarded my experience, as if it never happened, even though I have the names and telephone numbers of the two mechanics who discovered the brake system leak and lack of oil cap. BEWARE of renting from Alamo!

All Air Travel
For treating the American people like criminals, violating Posse Comitatus, and for the government takeover of airport security.

Ameritrade, Inc.
for turning over to the IRS money held in client accounts, solely on IRS administrative notices, without court orders or allowing the client Due Process of Law. You may wish to ask your Ameritrade representative for a written statement that the company will never turn over any of your money unless it first obtains a court order, signed by a judge. You may wish to ask if they would ever give your money to the IRS, solely based on an administrative Notice of Lien or Notice of Levy, or would they guarantee that they would refuse such a request if it was not accompanied by either a Distraint Warrant or court order signed by a judge.

Once you get your answer, then decide whether you want to entrust your hard-earned
money to Ameritrade, Inc.

American Airlines
For discriminatory and surreptitious tactics concerning excess baggage charges.

For installing RFID tags in their "Sisley" clothing line.

Best Western
Clifton, Colorado - If a guest does not leave clothes and other belongings strewn around his room, the housekeeper may think that the room is an early checkout. In such an event, it is the hotel's policy that if the housekeeper removes any of the guest's things from his room, the hotel refuses to compensate the guest for the stolen items.

Best Western Garden Court
2141 N. Pkw. Dr., Fresno, California - For their policy of retaining private information of your identification forever. When I protested my "guaranteed" reservation was canceled.

John Birch Society
For their hypocrisy of not supporting U.N.-Free Zones, for not allowing 2nd amendment material to be displayed at their events, and for refusing invitations to go on patriot talk shows. See this article.

For removing George Washington's birthday and replacing it with Cesar Chavez Day. Read The Article

Made in China
Do not support the People's Liberation Army, whose mandate is to destroy our way of life. See and

Disney, Universal & SeaWorld theme parks
These organizations are instituting finger-scan requirements for entry to their theme parks. This is one more way to get people used to this intrusive, privacy-busting technology. Do you want your children to blindly give out biometric information about themselves, until their personal and otherwise private information is lost, stolen, used, and abused by corporations who only seek greater profits, regardless of the cost to your privacy? Or governments that are always looking for ways to keep track of the citizenry? Boycott these theme park organizations until they rescind the use of this technology! See this article.

DVD X Copy software and!
There is a company called 321Studios that sells DVD X Copy software. I was given a purchased disk containing the software, however, I was unable to activate the software, even after inputting the license number and password that came with the disk.

I went to, where an email address was provided for customer and technical support.  I sent an email asking for assistance in activating the software.

The reply I received was an attempt to sell me a fresh copy of the software.  I explained that I had no need for that because I had a purchased copy of the software.  I was then told that unless I could prove that I purchased the software from 321Studios, they would not help me.

I explained that the software was a gift but that it was in an original package and it was clearly an original disk.  That did not matter.  I was told that even though this software was paid for, and even though it was obtained from 321Studios, that because I could not prove that it was purchased from them, I could not receive any customer support.

So in other words, this company stole money by selling a disk that could not be activated!

I recommend boycotting this software and 321studios.

Eagle Express Mail Service, Harker Heights, Texas
We have two first-hand accounts of the people who own this small business accepting payment for a private mailbox rental, then terminating the service without warning and refusing to refund balance of rental or return the key deposit. First-hand accounts describe these business owners as committing acts of fraud and nondisclosure, and also with cooperating with non-required IRS inquiries and giving out private information without first receiving a court order. BEWARE of doing business with these people. PRIVACY CODE = poor

For their use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, from Alien Technology, to track every product they sell.

Gottschalks- Fresno, California
For requiring a picture ID when returning items.

ICIS Money Orders!
ICIS Money Orders, Inc. (, who provide a service by which you can issue digital money orders (DMOs), has frozen all member accounts for the past four weeks and continues to give no indication when either current members or canceled members will receive their money back.

They claim to have done it because of the USA PATRIOT Act, but they had just concluded an audit of all accounts and unfrozen their members’ accounts, when a few days later they did it all a second time. Members have been without access to their own money for five weeks or more.

As a result of their actions, innumerable DMOs issued by thousands of MYICIS members have bounced, resulting in not only returned payment fees being assessed, but also in many cases, cancellation of accounts, irreparable damage to individual credit reports, and general chaos and disarray foisted on unsuspecting individuals.

It is our sincere recommendation that you carefully evaluate whether you wish to entrust ICIS Money Orders, Inc. with your hard-earned money, and whether you want someone who has shown such blatant disregard for the property rights of its members to have control of your personal funds.

Jet Blue Airlines
For violating its own privacy policies by giving 5 million customer names to a Department of Defense agency, to be subjected to possible terrorist profiling. The names were given without any court order or probable cause. While Jet Blue has apologized for their mistake, there are no effective guarantees that the same thing would not happen again, and nothing can be done for the 5 million people whose personal information has already been shared with DoD officials. Therefore, we recommend a full boycott on Jet Blue Airlines. If they go out of business because of this "mistake", it will send a powerful message to all other airlines that customer privacy is not to be violated!

K-Mart Stores
For refusing to allow a customer to enter their stores carrying firearms, even in states where doing so is legal; they have failed to inform customers of this prohibition.

Kroger Grocery Stores
For installing biometric thumb-scanners at the point-of-sale.

La Leche League International
For their support of the "U.N. Convention for the Rights of the Child" and for accepting funds from the U.N. through U.N.I.C.E.F. therefore promoting the U.N. agenda.

Loew's Cinema, Loew's Theaters
For implementing a policy to search the theater-goers' bags. We seek to bankrupt Loew's or otherwise force them to rescind this Nazi-style activity. Loew's is contributing to the transformation of a free society into a paranoid, fascist one.

Mail Boxes Etc.
For supporting intrusive new regulations for their customers, in exchange for stamp discounts.

For encouraging children to lie to their parents.

Millcreek Township (Erie County, Pennsylvania)
For their installation of surviellance cameras on public roads.

NCCI Holdings, Inc. -Boca Raton, Florida
Management staff in this international import/export holding company office forcibly removed flags from desks and from the hands of other staff workers, saying that the flags "might offend someone" in this international office. Management said that this office "is not a place for nationalism."

Ontario, Canada
For promoting the use of facial recognition technology and placing cameras everywhere, disregarding the resulting infringements on personal privacy. Ontario officials have said that modern technology will take its place in the security of the city, blatantly ignoring legitimate protests and concerns around privacy and civil liberties.

Panasonic Corp.
For flying the United Nations flag.

PepsiCo Corp
For flying the United Nations flag.

Quality Computers - Massillion, Ohio
Employees contacted police after a 59-year-old woman dropped off a computer for repair, allegedly requesting that they save images of child pornography that were stored on the hard drive. They have refused to speak with the media, or even discuss their position with respect to customer privacy rights with anyone.
For defamation, libel, slander, knowingly placing incorrect information on their web site, then refusing to correct the information when they are duly informed of the error. Read the article: Beware of Quatloos!

Radio Shack
For refusing to honor their unconditional money back guarantee unless you first provide them with private information. For illegally demanding your Social Security Number in order to conduct transactions.

Smith & Wesson
For their development of biometric, electronically fired, Authorized-User-Only "Smart-Guns" which was mandated in their anti-Second Amendment agreement with the United States Government and is evidenced by their partnership with the New Jersey Institute of Technology. (See Press Release)

Taco Bell
For advocating breaking and entering through their advertising campaign.


April 15, 2008 - Wal-Mart has initiated a new program to film all gun sales and retain a video record of them indefinitely.  This represents a blatant violation of the right of each individual American to go about his or her affairs in private.

Wal-Mart continues to disregard the fundamental freedoms on which our Republic was established,  always disenfranchising their customers in the name of greater profits.

We recommend a full boycott of all Wal-Mart stores, so long as their official policies support corporate profits over personal freedom.

Walmart stores, which claim that “the customer comes first”, have adopted a policy (click to view) designed to be intrusive and disrespectful of the privacy rights of their patrons. Using the USA PATRIOT Act as their excuse and as of July 28, 2002, Walmart has initiated a policy to require a customer to provide assorted personal and private information in order to purchase money orders. According to Walmart District Manager Randy Hingue, Walmart employees "have no choice" because "the federal government has mandated that we do this." That is a lie. 7-11 had no problem issuing money orders without demanding any private information. Walmart has extended its intrusive policy into their pharmacy, refusing to release prescribed medication to anyone but the patient. In other words, your authorized agent may not pick up your medication; you must leave your home or office, regardless of how busy you might be, if you get your drugs at Walmart. Walmart, whose inventory is more than 50% made in China, allows workers in its Chinese factories to be treated like dirt. These people are often forced to work almost 18 hours a day, prevented from leaving, and in many cases the company actually charges the worker for the "privilege" of working for Walmart! Walmart makes an enormous amount of its profit off the slave-labor Chinese Walmart factories. We recommend a full boycott of Walmart stores, so long as their employees mindlessly obey non-mandatory government edicts to intrude on customer privacy rights and so long as they undermine the marketing of American-made products.



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